Soft, luxurious products for the little ones.

The collection consists of top quality, soft and cosy products for your little ones and is produced with consideration for our natural environment and for the sensitive skin of your baby or toddler. And they last for a long, long time. Some might think we have expensive baby clothes but infact we are using the best possible materials and designers to make our baby clothes, so if you want to dress your baby in great quality products, you have found the right place.

Princess Estelle

Carolina Gynning

Anine Bing´s Benjamin

Baby fashion is becoming a lifestyle and mother and fathers around the world want the best for their children. Fashionable baby clothes and expensive baby clothes are quite difficult to find online, this is also why we at Little Jalo are targeting you, the moms and dads who want your baby clothes to hold a high fashion standard. Our clothing are worn by princesses, celebrities and regular people. We are suitable for anyone to wear and we strive to keep our quality aligned with good prices so that it could also be bought by anyone.


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